Single Sack Crawfish Boiler
  • Cooks up a storm from crawfish to seafood or a big batch of vegetables like potatoes all can be well-cooked.
  • Boils up to 50 lb. of crawfish or seafood at a time with 90 qt. of dedicated cooking capacity in 30 minutes.
  • With the hinged strainer basket to dump easily without getting messed-up.

Crawfish Jet Boiler
& Cooker Combo
  • All-purpose combo design offers versatile cooking options, either for boiling or frying food with a pot (pot is not included).
  • Durable jet burners and the cast iron burner deliver an output of 135,000 and 54,000 BTUs respectively.
  • The height-adjustable side handle is designed for pushing the cart or helping dump the cooked food easily.

Double-Basket Jet Fryer
  • An ideal timesaver for cooking restaurant-style deep fried dishes at home.
  • With the 2-in-1 design to fry different types of food at the same time.
  • Convenient side shelf provides extra food prep space or storage area for your dishes.

Turkey & Fish Fryer Boiler
Steamer Kit
  • Use the 30 Qt. pot and the big basket to deep-fry turkey or steam seafood, remove the basket as a boiler. 10 Qt. Fish Fryer is used to fry small food items, not for the heavy turkey.
  • A 50,000 BTU cast iron burner guarantees the great power for frying a heavy turkey or a basket full-filled with fish.
  • The kit includes 30 Qt. Pot, 10 Qt. Pot, Lid, Perforated Baskets, Temperature Thermometer, Perforated Turkey Rack, Lifting Hook, Marinade Injector, Stove Stand, LP Hose and Regulator.

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