60 Qt. Seafood Boiling Kit with Strainer

1. Grand Seafood Feast: Everything from seafood to vegetables can be well-boiled. This boiler cooks up to 35 lb. of seafood at a time with 60 qt. boil pot and 40 qt. basket of dedicated capacity.

2. High-powered Burner: Single powerful jet burner produces up to 100,000 BTU which heats up quickly for a large amount of seafood boiling.

3. Reliable Spark Ignition: Electronic ignition system allows for quick spark by the simple push of one-button ignitor which is at the bottom of the panel to prevent high heat for long-time use.

4. Easy-to-drain Design: Hang the basket latches into the slots and make the basket rest in place for hands-free water draining and hassle-free cleanup.

5. Lid Assist: This integrated lid hook allows for all-around safekeeping on the side of the pot.

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Model: SBK0601

Cooking Volume: 60 QT

General Description

You are invited to enjoy the crazy seafood feast this weekend! With Creole Feast® SBK0601 Seafood Boiling Kit, you could experience many seafood flavors with your own choice of spiciness that is in no doubt to satisfy your taste buds. Clams, shrimps, mussels, crab legs and crawfish go with fresh summer corns, red-skin potatoes and smoked sausage, which totally make seafood boiling awesome every time. Enjoy ultimate Cajun-style seafood, and let the flavors surf on your tongue with Creole Feast® SBK0601 Seafood Boiling Kit.


Model: SBK0601
Capacity: 60 QT.
Assembled Dimensions: 18.90’’L x 18.90’’W x 32.28’’H
Output: 100,000 BTU (cast iron burner)
Packing Dimensions: 19.37”L x 19.37”W x 18.90”H