Crawfish Jet Boiler & Cooker Combo

  1. 1. VERSATILE USES: The jet burner boiler with cast iron burner combo design offers versatile cooking options, either for boiling or frying food with a pot (pot is not included).

    2. LARGE CAPACITY: The 90 Qt. jet burner boiler cooks up to 50 lb. of crawfish or seafood (other ingredients included) at a time in 30 minutes.

    3. HIGH OUTPUT: Durable jet burners and the cast iron burner deliver an output of 135,000 and 54,000 BTUs respectively.

    4. CONVENIENT TO USE: The hinged strainer basket is designed for easy dumping. The specially designed side handle delivers 2-level height-adjustable feature. Two large wheels and two locking casters make for easy mobility.

    5. AMPLE WORK SPACE:  Foldable front table offers extra work or food prep space and keeps your sauces and seasonings within arm’s reach.

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Model: CFT2018

Cooking Volume: 90 QT

Jet Burner Boiler Volume: 90 QT

Cast Iron Burner Volume: Fryer: 8/10/30 QT Boiler: 60/80 QT

General Description

  • Surrounded by savory and delicious aroma, enjoy the ultimate cookout with Creole Feast® CFT2018 Crawfish or Seafood Jet Burner Boiler & Cooker Combo. Featuring an output of 135,000 BTU, the 90 QT jet burner boiler holds up to 50 lb. of crawfish for the big appetites crawfish fans. The cast iron burner with an output of 54,000 BTU suits for all kinds of cooking pots such as boiling pots or frying pots. The package includes a durable stainless steel paddle that can be used to stir your crawfish during cooking. When your crawfish is well cooked, simply lift the hinged strainer basket up to dump them into the container via the lid. The drain valve provides quick and easy cleanup. Don’t hesitate, Creole Feast® CFT2018 Crawfish or Seafood Jet Burner Boiler & Cooker Combo is the best choice, perfect for cook up a storm.


Jet Burner BTU: 135,000
Cast Iron Burner BTU: 60,000